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Ayn Rand This page is dedicated to the young Russian gal who came to America in 1926, married in 1928, witnessed the crash and understood its causes, and on April 17, 1947, wrote the blueprint for the Libertarian Party as she finished the chapter of Atlas Shrugged dismissing "the looters and their laws."
LEXICON LINK At the Ayn Rand online Lexicon you can look up what this ethicist actually wrote or said on many topics
New Ayn Rand Book I've not finished Ayn Rand, And the World She Made, by Anne C. Heller, but it does get off to a nice start and the author has some appreciation of history and economics. She claims Ayn married Frank in 1929. Anyway, the book is also available in unabridged mp3 audiobook format.
New York Times on Ayn Rand Believe it or not, it is not a smear attack like the Reason Magazine cover story. Of course it evades the three basic things she believed, but for consumption by the yokels it is not such a bad article at all--September 15, 2007.
Ayn Rand's Normative Ethics--The Virtuous Egoist, by Tara Smith Tara Smith teaches philosophy at UT, and is the most brilliant social scientist I've ever observed up close. This is her third book, after Moral Rights and Political Freedom and Viable Values. I recommend all three.
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