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Hemp for Victory--1937 How American prohibitionists helped cause World War II.
The First World War WWI was an outgrowth of Chinese enforcement of the prohibition of heroin, opium, morphine and syringes beginning in 1911. The highest-grade opium is produced in the Balkans, those countries between Italy to the west, Turkey to the east, Austria and the Ukraine to the north and extending southward through Greece to the Mediterranean. Immediately after the nationalist revolution in China, war began with the depression in the Balkans, then gradually spread, in fits and starts, to involve all of the opium, morphine and heroin-producing nations. These included Germany, Austro-Hungary, Turkey, Russia, France and its colonies, and England and its colonies and dominions. History books of the looter persuasion ignore these facts and claim instead that the war "broke out" because yet another ragged communist youth shot still another military panjandrum all decked out in brass medals and ostrich feathers.
Looter historians lied to their students This is arrant nonsense. Communist-youth assassins and Prussian-style military murderers were a drug on the market, but opiates were a major industry from a valuable cash crop worth billions. Markets crashed and the effects snowballed.
The same thing had happened on a lesser scale in 1907, when the Pure Food Law of 1906 became effective and US manufacturers could no longer put morphine in baby syrup. The Chinese reacted by banning opiate-laced products, now identifiable because of that law. American exporters, like Sears and Montgomery Ward, were barred from exporting acetylmorphine (heroin) to China because Theodore Roosevelt had issued orders in 1905 protecting all German patents in China. Heroin, like Aspirin, was patented by Bayer.
Taxes on beer netted little after repeal After losing the Great War Germany and Austria were forced to pay reparations to their competitors. American prohibition had raised the price of heroin in the US to very profitable levels, which helped heroin-exporting Germany to pay off its competitors. After alcohol prohibition was repealed--to the delight of German brewers stateside--brewery profits did not return to normal at all, for two reasons. First, the collapse caused by using the income tax laws to enforce prohibition had ruined the economies of many cities and states, and reduced federal revenues by half. In an effort to get out of debt they passed high excise taxes on beer and beer products with the support of the religious zealots whose prohibition law had neen repealed, so people continued to make their own beer from malt and corn sugar just as they had during national prohibition. Second, because beer manufactures had been throttled off much more than the distilling of corn sugar moonshine by prohibition enforcement, beer drinkers had begun switching to perfectly legal marijuana for the 18 years--14 years of prohibition and four years of high-excise sumptuary taxes--preceding 1937.
But banning grass increased the demand for smack, just as banning beer had increased the demand for grass Second, because beer manufactures had been throttled off much more than the distilling of corn sugar moonshine by prohibition enforcement, beer drinkers had begun switching to perfectly legal marijuana for the 18 years--14 years of prohibition and four years of high-excise sumptuary taxes--preceding 1937.
So when lobbyists managed to get marijuana banned in 1937, this was a second windfall for exporters of heroin, and Germany had for decades been the world's leading heroin producer. The extra sales of heroin through smuggling channels already in place because of alcohol prohibition made it relatively easy to export the product to an American public that had in 1914 been accustomed to beer, but because of prohibition, learned to substitute other drugs.
The USA used the League of Nations to
raise heroin prices worldwide, and eliminated Germany's competitors.
Germany's ally Japan had by then turned Manchuria into a staging area for exports of opiates from British India and from Asian colonies dominated by France into China, just as Canada had facilitated the movement of British Indian opium into the US in 1893. The United States had also transformed the League of Nations into a mechanism for the exportation of American prohibition laws to other countries, thereby multiplying the price of opiates everywhere by approximately 400% while shutting down all competition from local production.
Another Noble Experiment was afoot. The resulting injection of extra cash into the Pan-German economy more than sufficed to build up it war machine and unleash the altruistic alliance of Positive Christianity and ordinary Socialism that was the National Socialist regime. This government became popular precisely because of its policy of combining all the taxes, regulation and coercion offered by Communism while still allowing the Christian Inquisition to again operate freely in the torture and extermination of Jewish populations.
Selfishness baaaad...
Altruism gooood...
It was a popular notion in those days that there was something inherently selfish about being Jewish. Selfishness was universally regarded as the "evil" of egoism, while altruism was understood to be the principle underlying all ethical distinctions between good and evil. As a consequence, the movement readily attracted many Catholic and Protestant supporters, along with socialist ideologues disillusioned with the Soviet variant of their communo-fascist faith. All of these faithful were eager to crush the serpent of capitalism under the iron heel of righteous indignation. To them it was a straightforward case of Good versus Evil, based on the pseudoscience of eugenics as amended by Revealed Faith.
Positive Christianity in Germany, and
Ku-Klux Christianity in America
It was American marijuana prohibition that helped finance the National Socialist war machine by increasing the profitability of Germany's exports of heroin. Even today, the regions in America most completely dominated by the Ku-Klux Klan between the Civil War and WWII are where the judicially-protected killing of civilians through enforcement of marijuana laws still proliferates.
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